Apple Patents A Strap For Apple Watch With Camera

apple watch

Throughout the short, history of the Apple Watch, the rumours about smart belts have been happening year after year. We have seen many belt patents that roamed the capabilities of the Apple watch but none of them has officially arrived on the market. However, this does not mean that Apple does not continue working on them.

apple watch

A new patent recently registered our shows one of these smart straps that would incorporate a small camera. In the thin body of the Apple Watch does not fit a camera, but on an external strap could be the solution to use FaceTime from the wrist, at least that’s how they think of Cupertino.

A Strap With Rotating Camera

As Patently Apple has learned, the apple company has patented a new belt that would incorporate a rotating camera that the user could place in the position they most want.

One of the main problems of incorporating a camera to the Apple Watch was its location, if it was located in the small frame of the screen it could only be used for selfies or for video calls and if it was placed in the aluminium body it could only be used to make photos to people or objects. This solution allows you to place the camera in the angle that you like the most.

Even the patent also describes the possibility of having two sensors on each side to have a camera 360 degrees on the strap of our Apple Watch. In addition, they could take pictures in different ways as nipping watch band camera through voice command by pressing a button on an end portion of the belt or press a button to own Apple Watch.

Apple says in this patent that the invention would free us from the need to carry an iPhone on all sides, at least sometimes, which would give the Apple Watch greater independence.

It is an interesting idea although we do not seem to see it in the short term, perhaps when the Apple Watch is established as a serious alternative to the iPhone we can see this kind of news on our wrist.

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