Play The Mythical Nokia Snake in Google Maps

Today everything you find on the Web you should take it very carefully. The reason is not another that during the next hours April Fool’s Day is celebrated, the North American equivalent to the Day of the Spanish Innocents and date in which the means take advantage to publish infinity of jokes in the Network. Taking advantage of this day, Google allows playing to the mythical Snake in Google Maps.

So is. Google has accustomed us to playing games in its map application from time to time, taking advantage of special festivities or some type of highlight event. This time the developers of the app have thought it would be fun to allow users to play the game of the snake in different cities and so we can do it from the application for iOS as from the Android application.

How to play Snake in Google Maps
It is also not too complicated to enable the Google game for your navigation app today. We just have to display the side menu from the upper left corner to discover how, among the different menus, an option called “Play the Serpent” appears. It appears just below the “Start Navigation” command and above the “Wi-Fi only” navigation button.

The user interface of the game Snake looks like a game of 16 bits, which awakens the nostalgia of the arcade games of the 90s. The game is available for phones and tablets with the latest version of the Google Maps application installed on iOS devices and Android. If you do not find it in your application, it is probably not updated and you must apply the last patch available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

When you click on the option to Play the Snake, you can choose between several different destinations (Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo or around the world). To start the game, you must slide your finger on the screen so that the snake, looking like a train, starts to move around the screen. To grow the snake you must collect as many passengers as possible and, as in the classic Nokia game, if the head touches any corner of the map, tail or body, the snake train will die and you will lose the match.

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