Set Up iOS Updates To Save Data On iPhone

Set Up iOS Updates To Save Data On iPhone

Today there are unlimited data rates or bundles of offers that offer up to 50 GB of data . However, on some occasions, many users may want to save data on iPhone because they have crossed the line consuming content this month or that, directly, the contracted rate is not one of the most GB offer. Configuring iOS updates correctly will help them in their task.

If you want to know how you have the monthly data consumption , you can do it in a simple way by accessing the iOS settings to see the usage. If you need to save data in iOS , we have already told you how you can configure Netflix to not spend so much data , but today we are going to focus on an adjustment that often goes unnoticed by the common users of Apple’s phone and that can save us possible scares in the telephone bill.

Turn Off Automatic Updates For iTunes And App Store

First of all, if you want to save data on the iPhone, it is to turn off Wi-Fi Assist on your mobile. This system makes the phone when connected to a low-intensity Wi-Fi network, automatically disconnect from it to go to use the data network, which can cause great wear of them. To disable this option contains n all you have to do is access the mobile configuration and enter the Mobile Data menu. At the bottom, you must check the option to cancel the function.

Next we will have to disable the automatic updates of iTunes and App Store . If we have them marked, and we have many downloaded apps, we can suffer a drastic decrease in the data in our rate almost without realizing it.

In the case of iTunes , we must follow the following route: Settings> iTunes and App Store> Mobile data and disable mobile data completely, which prevents streaming or downloading songs from the Apple store through the data connection.

In the case of the App Store, we must follow the same route, ie: Settings> iTunes and App Store> Mobile data. Both stores share this configuration and unmark the use of mobile data, as is logical, will prevent automatic updates make use of the GB of our rate and we can save data on the iPhone.