Best Free Form Builders and Survey Tools

best survey tools

Choosing an online survey software tool like tell the bell or the other there is a simple questionnaire tool that correctly can be quite complicated, especially if you take into account that many of these tools seem to offer many of the same features. There are also some distinctions between what you get with a paid version and what you get with a free version. Next, we indicate what needs to be taken into account.

best survey tools

Best Tools To Do Free Online Surveys

Below you have a list with 6 free tools to do online surveys (with payment features) classified according to the characteristics of the free version, its disadvantages and some of the extra features they have if you hire the paid version.

Survey Monkey – program To Create Online Surveys

Creating an online survey with Survey Monkey is very simple, you just have to access Survey Monkey, register and start defining the questions.

Features of Survey Monkey Free

  • You can use any language.
  • You can ask 10 questions.
  • Choose from 15 types of questions.
  • Get 100 different answers.
  • You can send the survey online by mail.
  • Post the survey online on Facebook.
  • Insert the online survey on the website.
  • Send the survey through the email marketing platform Mailchim.

Disadvantages of Survey Monkey Free

  • It does not allow downloading and exporting survey data.
  • It does not allow you to customize the logo.
  • You cannot customize the themes.

Features of the paid version of Survey Monkey

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited answers.
  • Use custom themes and colors.
  • Export the data.
  • Statistical data.
  • Create custom routines that vary based on user responses.
  • Thank you page.
  • Work with personalized surveys by teams of professionals.

Survio – Tool for online surveys

Survio is another program for online surveys that has a free version and another paid version.


Features of Survio Gratis

  • Survio allows 5 online surveys.
  • The limit of responses per month is 100.
  • The number of questions is unlimited.
  • They are surveys adapted to mobile devices.
  • It has more than 100 templates for free predefined professional surveys.
  • It has an indicator of the progress of the surveys.
  • It allows sharing the survey on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus.
  • Send the survey by email.
  • You can add the survey to your website.
  • Add the survey in the form of pop – up.

Disadvantages of Survio Gratis

  • The number of surveys is very small.
  • It does not allow sending survey invitations by email with the custom logo.
  • It does not allow to customize the texts of the invitations by email.
  • It only allows 1 filter.
  • It does not allow exporting survey responses to Excel, CSV, HTML or XML.

Features of the paid version of Survio

  • Survio incorporates the different features of the free version and also:
  • It has an unlimited number of responses.
  • Unlimited Online Surveys.
  • The questions in the surveys are unlimited.
  • It has more than 1000 templates for online surveys.
  • It has statistics of the survey invitations you send in real time.
  • Summary of the results of the PDF surveys

Recommendations for Online Surveys

As in all methodologies, there are a number of recommendations and tips to create online surveys correctly. These tips are:

  • In the introduction of the online questionnaire, you must introduce yourself and explain the (generic) objectives of the online interview and ensure the anonymity and confidential use of the information you extract with the online survey.
  • It is recommended that at the beginning of the online questionnaire filter questions appear to know if the interviewee is going to cover your information objectives or not.
  • The initial questions of the online survey should be simple and short but that motivate the interviewee. They usually ask themselves questions of habits .
  • You must group the questions of the online questionnaire by topics so that the interviewee does not disperse and focus on the same objective.
  • It is recommended that you ask the most difficult questions in the online questionnaire before placing them in the middle of the questionnaire. They are usually questions about beliefs, attitudes or values .
  • Before reaching the final part of the online questionnaire, place relaxing questions.
  • Unlike in many online interviews, the qualifying questions (age, income, studies, etc.) should be placed at the end of the online questionnaire. Unless they are filter questions .
  • Do not forget to thank the interviewee for collaboration. It is advisable to include a personalized thank you page at the end of the online surveys.